AdWords Vs. Bing Ads

AdWords Vs. Bing Ads

The PPC Showdown.

PPC Search Marketing

So almost everyone knows about Google’s advertising platform; Google AdWords, but how many people know about Microsoft Bing’s PPC platform? Probably most people who have explored AdWords are aware of Bing Ads, but very few people actually use it, preferring to go for Google’s option. At Kuka Studios we specialise in pay-per-click search marketing through both Google AdWords and Bing Ads so can help you decide which option is right for you.

On the Surface

Both systems are almost identical in functionality. The designs do differ and Bing Ads is beautiful with Bing’s signature grey and yellow design. Google AdWords is a bit plain so Bing Ads wins on design…but we need to go deeper than aesthetics when your pennies are involved!

Google AdWords 0 – Bing Ads 1

Ease of Use

Both systems are pretty easy to use for PPC experts. However, one thing we have noticed is that setting up Bing Ads is very simple. In Bing Ads you simply click a button and (providing you have AdWords) import your AdWords campaigns. Conversion tracking is also breeze in Bing Ads. Another point to Bing

Google AdWords 0 – Bing Ads 2

Customer Service

Bing and Google both have a large customer service teams dedicated to helping advertisers – but in my personal (fairly extensive!) experience, Bing loses spectacularly here! While Google does not offer the best support when you phone them up directly, they do offer agencies a personal contact who can fix account problems fairly quickly.  That means that when I phone up for my clients I get put to the head of the queue and they always give me a solution…whereas, Bing has been a bit of a nightmare for me and my clients when we try asking for help  – so first point for Google.

Google AdWords 1 – Bing Ads 2


Google does generate far more traffic than Bing as it is the more popular search engine.  This means that Bing can sometimes be very limiting with the amount of clicks you can drive to a website. Sorry Bing.

Google AdWords 2 – Bing Ads 2


For some reason Bing drives higher conversions and higher click-through rates than Google. In some cases we have witnessed campaigns with a conversion rate of around 2% on Google enjoying conversion rates of 10% upwards in Bing – and with a lower cost per click.  Another point to Bing.

Google AdWords 2 – Bing Ads 3


Bing campaigns cost considerably less than Google. This is because obviously it generates less traffic but penny for penny, clicks (and more importantly, conversions) cost a fraction of what they cost on Google.  In the last month, I have seen costs per conversion on Bing campaigns sitting at an eighth of the cost of conversions on Google – with the same campaigns, for the same client. Bing wins another point.

Google AdWords 2 – Bing Ads 4

Final Result

According to my own invented scoring system – Bing beats Google any day of the week!   If you have a small budget it may be beneficial to look at Bing Ads before Google AdWords as a small budget can be maximised on Bing. However, Bing campaigns are severely limited by the low number of searches on Bing. Our advice would be start out on Bing and if you want more traffic, move onto Google – but don’t be shocked at how pricey Google is in comparison.

If you are already spending hundreds or thousands on Google AdWords you should seriously consider funneling some of your budget through Bing Ads, take it from me – I’m certified in both systems!

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