5 ways our business supports Earth Day

5 ways our business supports Earth Day

Happy Earth day everyone! For 44years now, the 22nd April has been set aside as a day to celebrate, and to consider things we can do to help protect our environment.

Every year at Kuka Studios, we mark the day in our own small way. Wondering how your company can celebrate Earth Day (or any other day you choose to go a little greener)? Here are our 5 Earth Day activities for businesses:

1. No cars
We all walk, cycle or take public transport to and from the office today. It’s probably the easiest one we do and makes the biggest difference!

2. No printing
Simple right? Try working with designers and telling them they can’t print anything off! But if you spend one day thinking about what you’re printing and it can become a habit for the rest of the year.

3. No lights
We don’t put the office lights on today – easier today than in December, admittedly, but every little helps! It’s amazing how many clients we visit who have an office covered in windows, but still have lights on during the day. Did you know that if you switch off the average office lights (15 halogen lights) just one hour earlier at the end of each working day, you’ll save 220kg of CO2 in a year!

4. Switch off computers
Not only will you expand a computer’s lifespan by switching it off overnight, you’ll save a lot of electricity too.

5. Plant something
We’re lucky enough to have the Kuka garden – not just for a nice place to eat our lunch and grab a coffee on a dry day, but to keep a wee garden. Today we planted a lime tree. If it survives our ill-fated attempts at gardening, we’ll have some lovely fruits for our G&Ts in the summer! If you don’t have a garden, your business can still offset its carbon with corporate tree planting from as little as £2!

How does your team celebrate Earth day?

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