5 Tips for an Effective E-Commerce Site

5 Tips for an Effective E-Commerce Site

We’ve designed a wide variety of e-commerce websites for our customers, so we’ve decided to share our top 5 tips when it comes to getting the most out your website!

  1. Outline your Policies
    Make sure that information is readily available for your customers – this is often achieved through an FAQ section. This will help cut down on customer enquiries and also provide reassurance for first time shoppers. Providing this information will demonstrate good customer service from the outset! Some of the information that should be included is:
    Shipping Information & Costs
    Estimated delivery times
    Payment options
    Returns policy
    Customer service hours and contact details
  2. Keep a Close Eye on Analytics
    Make sure you know where your traffic is coming from and what search terms they are using to find your site.  There are many statistics available in order to gauge customer behaviour; working out where they came from and how they got to you will help you understand your customers better.  Just one area we assess is what page your customers exit from – as a general rule, you want them to leave from either purchase success or contact page – NOT the homepage or product details. We can manage this for you or train you on how to do it yourself!
  3. High Quality Photographs
    High quality photographs of your products are a vital part of selling online. Photographs should be of the highest quality available and should be able to be enlarged without becoming pixilated or distorted. Large, clear photographs will reduce questions and returns – photos should be taken from multiple angles and clearly illustrate the size or components of the product.
  4. Know your USP & shout about it!
    There is an abundance of e-commerce websites out there, you need to stand out! Know your niche and your USP (unique selling point), it will help communicate your brand image and target your audience effectively. Set yourself apart from competitors – capturing the right market for your brand will turn clicks into sales!
    Keep your customer in mind when figuring out the USP, what is it that will benefit them?
  5. Safety, safety, safety!
    We can not stress this point enough. Whatever the method of payment you take, whether it be Pay Pal, Sage, Credit Card or bank details – it is essential that these details are safe and secure! Customer are far more likely to make a purchase if they are able to see their trusted options before they commit to buy.

We can create or update e-commerce websites, an important part of getting found is SEO, we do that too. Just get in touch if you need any advice!

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