We are primarily a web agency

not original, but we are better

As with all good things, there are 3 simple reasons why clients choose us for their web design:

1. Honest, knowledgeable and jargon free web design

1. Honest, knowledgeable and jargon free

We don't expect you to know what you're talking about. If you knew what we know, you wouldn't need us! We know our business, we're honest, open and we'll explain everything until you understand it.
2. Experienced web designers and developers

2. Experience

Our collective hands-on experience of building, designing, developing and optimising websites is as impressive as the names on our client roster. Sorry to boast, but it's the truth - we know what we're doing.
3. full service website agency

3. Full Service websites

At Kuka Studios, every website we create is a full service website. We don't charge you extra for doing the writing, sourcing images or carrying out SEO - it's all included. Why? Because our mums brought us up to treat others the way we'd like to be treated.

A website from Kuka Studios Renfrewshire includes:

Web Design
A professional, original design by an award winning designer that is user-oriented, accessible and responsive
Website Content Management Systems CMS
A Content Management System (CMS) so that you can make changes to your website without knowing how to code, or having to pay for updates
Bespoke Web Development and Online Systems Tailored functionality by developers who can translate your needs into a working website (and explain it to you in English)
Website Search Engine Optimisation Services Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) by two experts who have been doing it since before you had an email address
Website content and professional copywriting services Content by a professional copywriter with almost a decade of web journalism under her belt

All meeting your exacting requirements.


The additions

These are additional because some customers don't need them, but maybe it's a new venture, or maybe you're seeking a new customer base and need some extra help. In that case we offer:
Web Design and Development Agency

We also offer domain names and hosting on UK servers contact us to find out more

What our customers say

What our customers say

"Thank you for all the amazing work you have done for us. The band are delighted with everything and the enquiries are coming in again. Thank you so much again." Favours Wedding Band

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