Search Engine Optimisation

What use is an online business if no-one can find you?

That, in a nutshell, is why people recommend Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Sorry to the others in our industry, but SEO is not magic. We've been doing it successfully since 2006, when no-one knew what it was, and no one cared! Now everyone knows and wants it, so the big agencies charge a fortune and whisper about its secrets, using only acronyms to communicate. We're not cool enough to get away with that. So we use a tried and tested method that works, makes our clients happy, and gives them genuine return on their investment.

We're honest, we only use white-hat methods (nothing risky that could get your site in trouble with the Gods of Google) and we don't baffle you with jargon. It's worked for us so far, so why change?

What we do:

Search Engine Optimisation SEO Agency
  • analyse your site for search engine friendliness
  • address any problems we find
  • carry out competitor, content and keyword analysis
  • implement optimised content and code across the site
  • create and deploy site visibility tools
  • manually submit your site to search engines, directories and business directories
  • offer post SEO advice on best practice to keep things going well if you don't want us to always manage it for you

What our customers say

What our customers say

"We have received many compliments on the design and look of our new website, and we cannot recommend Kuka Studios enough for all their hard work. The aftercare and advice provided from the team at Kuka has been second to none and we're so grateful for all their dedication to our Charity" I Am Me


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